Guidelines & Categories

This year, there are 24 awards in 3 main categories and 1 special category which is new for RITA 2020 (Best IT Team During COVID-19). Organisations can enter multiple awards and categories. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions. Shortlisted entrants will be expected to attend the award ceremony.

NEW AWARD Best IT Team During Covid-19
To acknowledge that IT teams have played an invaluable role in smoothing the business response to the lockdown, CITF has launched a new award category. The category is to recognise IT teams that have gone ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to helping their organisations keep working in unprecedented conditions.
You are invited to submit (max 500 words) before the 30th June. Judges will be looking for impressive stories supported by solid metrics that show:
• What the team did that delighted customers (internal or external)
• How the team rose to these unprecedented times and delivered solutions that helped their company to continue working seamlessly
• How they fostered extraordinary team work to accomplish everything they did
If you think that your team deserves to be thanked for their effort and work don't miss out on this opportunity to show others what they have achieved!
To download the entry pack click here or if you wish to directly enter online then please use the form below.
Project Awards
Project of the Year (total budget > 250k)
The judges will be looking for technology projects that demonstrate delivering value to the customer, effective management and delivery approaches. Measurements of success, including metrics, are critical components of any submission.For this category the total spend for the project is over £250K.
Project of the Year (total budget < £250k)
This award recognises technology projects that demonstrate delivering value to the customer, effective management and delivery approaches. Measurements of success, including metrics, are critical components of any submission. For this category the total spend for the project is up to £250K
Best Technology 'For Good' Project
This award is aimed at organisations who are using technology to positively improve the lives of others. Perhaps you have enhanced access to information, created an environment for people to communicate, developed a product that has enabled access to care or has enhanced the world we live in. Whatever it is – we want to hear about it!
Operational Efficiency
We are looking for an organisation that has delivered top quality services or products to their customers, in the most efficient way possible. Please include before and after data/metrics to support your submission.
Delivering Excellent Customer Experience
This award recognises technology divisions who put their customers at the heart of everything they do, anticipating customer needs, tailoring business processes to best serve customers and exceeding their expectations.
Continuous Service Improvement
Your submission should demonstrate clearly how the team has worked together to constantly improve customer service and how they have created an environment of ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement of service in support of organisational objectives.
Turning Data into Insights
This award recognises a team that has been successful in helping an organisation make better decisions due to improved business insights. Please share how you did this through data including previously unharnessed data, tools and business knowledge. The outcome may be cost savings, improved margins and competitive advantage.
Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Project of the Year
This award recognises the successful deployment of Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning to address business productivity and efficiency. Please show us how you have driven meaningful change or spearheaded innovative projects and used this technology to engage with your customers or employees, to automate business processes or gain insight through data analysis.
Excellence in Application Modernisation
This award recognises an organisation that has transformed its application landscape in order to better position their business to adapt at speed to changing requirements. Please describe the starting point of this transformation, the need for change, the approach taken and your successes to date, while also describing the potential future plans.
Organisational Awards
Enterprise Team of the Year
This award will recognise a multi-functional team that has worked collaboratively to bring tangible benefits to their business. This category invites submissions from teams that drive best practice and gain results via a positive, inclusive culture. Please share how you use any governance frameworks.
Product Team of the Year
This award will go to a technology product team that can demonstrate success in product delivery through effective team working. Please share how the team was established, the approaches taken to ensure a one-team approach to product delivery and how this has impacted their ability to deliver a high-quality product.
Partnership of the Year
Awarded to an organisation that demonstrates how to successfully establish & maintain an effective partnership between an in-house technology team and either a single or multiple suppliers. Please demonstrate how the partnership has met business expectations and sustained success over time. You should also clearly represent collaboration, governance and business achievements.
Diversity and Inclusion in Action
Demonstrate how your team is building a work environment where everyone is treated respectfully and fairly and embedding diversity and inclusion in its culture. Show how the team can all add to the organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion with creating and securing access to resources and opportunities.
Project Team of the Year
This award recognises a team that has been successfully established to deliver a specific project. The team is likely to include personnel from across the business and potentially 3rd parties and can demonstrate how they have created a high performing organisation to deliver the project.
Legacy System Migration
This award goes to an organisation that has successfully migrated a legacy system. Tell us how you helped transform your business by replacing a system that no longer effectively supported your business processes and creating something new that creates the right user experience. Show how you overcame workflow issues, achieved user acceptance for the changes, made technology provider choices and ultimately delivered on expectations.
Innovation Awards
Best Use of New Technologies
This award recognises delivery of clear pioneering and transformative technology that has been used to drive better efficiency and productivity as well as overall business performance. Please show how your products/projects clearly demonstrate specific business impact.
Innovative Use of Cloud Technologies
Innovative is the keyword! This award recognises technology teams that have successfully used cloud technologies to drive innovation within their business. Has cloud changed how your business operates? Have you been able to achieve goals you simply couldn’t have done without cloud? Have you been able to increase your customer base, create new revenue streams or impressively improve your productivity? Please tell us about it!
Modern Technology Infrastructure
Awarded to a team that helps run the enterprise with efficiency and at optimal cost by utilising modern products, technology and services to handle infrastructure needs. Show us how your infrastructure can manage workflows, improve customer service, provide greater computing and storage capabilities and increase your speed to market in a dependable and secure way.
Product Innovation
This award recognises outstanding product innovation. Please demonstrate how you have implemented a new or significantly improved/redesigned a product. You may have created new functionality or components to make your product stand out from the rest.
Inspirational Team of the Year
Tell us how your technology team has inspired others – perhaps by their exemplary commitment to getting a project delivered, by encouraging the advancement of others or by achieving the unexpected. Wow us with your inspiring values and behaviours!
Best Use of Technology to Drive Sustainability
Awarded to an organisation whose products, services or processes reduce damaging environmental effects via the sustainable use of resources, activities that protect the environment or they may create major energy efficiency improvements. Judges will look for leadership, innovation, as well as commitment to take responsibility for the impact the company has on the environment and social wellbeing.
Transformation of the Year
This award recognises organisations that have pushed the boundaries towards transforming their business. Tell us about the power and impact of the work you have done, creating excellence in your workplace and demonstrate how this has led to significant change and transformation. This could be in the areas of customers, employees or processes for example.
Best Disruptive Team of the Year
This award is to reward teams who had the courage to think beyond the norms using their skills and expertise, bringing new perspectives and insights as well as embracing any failures as learning points for catalysts of change.
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  • "The Real IT Awards are so important in both recognising and celebrating excellence in technology across multiple industries as it continues to drive the fortune of so many organisations."
    Christina Scott
    Chief Technology Officer, News UK
  • "The Real IT Awards are valuable as they recognise delivery excellence, innovation and teamwork across a wide range of like-minded organisations, both public and private, and both large and small. The Awards evening itself is a highlight of the technology calendar too!"
    David Henderson
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Global
  • "The standards were really really high. What was also very impressive this year, it was very diverse. There were different industries, different companies and it was difficult to say how do I compare A to B to X."
    Nicholas Reeks
    Director IT, Vendor Management at Tata Steel
  • "Virgin Media was privileged to win 'Partnership of the Year’ with our test partners Accenture and since winning the Real IT Award our joint teams have gone from strength to strength and are now seen as flagship services in our respective companies. The motivation the award has given our people has been tangible in addition to significantly growing our reputation across Virgin Media’s technology and business organisation (recognised by our CEO). The evening itself was hugely enjoyable; a great networking event and well organised. We're excited about participating again, and hopefully repeating our success, in the 2017 awards."
    Peter Francome
    Director of IT Testing Services, Liberty Global
  • “British Gas is proud to have taken part and won the Operational Efficiency Award at the prestigious and coveted 2016 Real IT Awards. This underpins our vision to be world class in our IT and transformational services and to be recognised by the esteemed Corporate IT Forum is an official recognition of our hard work, IT Strategy and delivery. It was a fantastic night for networking, recognition and meeting the industry peers who share a similar vision, working towards improving the IT landscape across the UK and overseas. Highly recommended and a must-attend evening in the calendar for all IT professionals out there who wants to make a difference!”
    Avimanyu Sengupta
    SAP Development Manager , British Gas