The Real IT Awards are open to all qualifying organisations free of charge:
CITF members and non-members are invited to enter any of our 24 awards in the following 4 categories:
In its 16th year, Real IT Awards are firmly established as one of the most respected awards in the UK. Real IT Award submissions are open to all projects and organisations in Europe as well as CITF’s member organisations based outside Europe. We also welcome vendor submissions in partnership with their client.
Organisational Awards

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Project Awards

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Innovation Awards

8 Awards

CITF Membership Award

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  • "The Real IT Awards are so important in both recognising and celebrating excellence in technology across multiple industries as it continues to drive the fortune of so many organisations."
    Christina Scott
    Chief Technology Officer, News UK
  • "The Real IT Awards are valuable as they recognise delivery excellence, innovation and teamwork across a wide range of like-minded organisations, both public and private, and both large and small. The Awards evening itself is a highlight of the technology calendar too!"
    David Henderson
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Global
  • "The standards were really really high. What was also very impressive this year, it was very diverse. There were different industries, different companies and it was difficult to say how do I compare A to B to X."
    Nicholas Reeks
    Director IT, Vendor Management at Tata Steel
  • "Virgin Media was privileged to win 'Partnership of the Year’ with our test partners Accenture and since winning the Real IT Award our joint teams have gone from strength to strength and are now seen as flagship services in our respective companies. The motivation the award has given our people has been tangible in addition to significantly growing our reputation across Virgin Media’s technology and business organisation (recognised by our CEO). The evening itself was hugely enjoyable; a great networking event and well organised. We're excited about participating again, and hopefully repeating our success, in the 2017 awards."
    Peter Francome
    Director of IT Testing Services, Liberty Global
  • “British Gas is proud to have taken part and won the Operational Efficiency Award at the prestigious and coveted 2016 Real IT Awards. This underpins our vision to be world class in our IT and transformational services and to be recognised by the esteemed Corporate IT Forum is an official recognition of our hard work, IT Strategy and delivery. It was a fantastic night for networking, recognition and meeting the industry peers who share a similar vision, working towards improving the IT landscape across the UK and overseas. Highly recommended and a must-attend evening in the calendar for all IT professionals out there who wants to make a difference!”
    Avimanyu Sengupta
    SAP Development Manager , British Gas