Innovation Awards

Innovation in Technology
This award recognises delivery of clear pioneering and transformative technology, such as IoT or Data Science etc., showcasing what IT has done to advance the potential of applications and/or technology so that they can be used to drive better efficiency and productivity as well as the outcomes and performance of an organisation.

Technology teams need to demonstrate they have recognised innovations that are driven either externally or internally by R&D. Products/Projects should clearly demonstrate specific business impact.
Collaborative Enterprise
This award recognises projects that have demonstrated an effective delivery of collaborative technologies (inter-department or inter-business location or group), for example, to support intelligence gathering, knowledge sharing, learning or training.

Technology teams need to demonstrate how technology helps underpin knowledge workers’ effectiveness and expertise by creating a more flexible and manageable environment.

The approach should foster not only innovation and agility but also efficiency and scalability and ‘cross-fertilisation’ of ideas.
Infrastructure as an Enabler
Awarded to Technology teams that demonstrate high effectiveness in handling future infrastructure needs in Technology and/or the business, at optimal cost and with minimal impact on BAU to support the Business in its requirements or desire for innovative change.

The project should enable the Business to function successfully (from a technology perspective) for a reasonable period to come whilst delivering clear Business benefit.

Projects could be anything from Data Centre/Server rationalisation or IaaS deployment to end-user device deployment.
Game Changer of the Year
This award recognises Technology Teams that have initiated/supported the delivery of innovative working practices to the Business that changes the way it operates.

Technology teams need to demonstrate that they have actively responded to business needs by offering solutions or services that have helped to drive change in the Business supported by proven technology.
Innovation in Cyber Security & Compliance
This award recognises innovative approaches in the area of Cyber Security or Compliance.

This could include development of a Security Awareness Programme, a robust approach to preparation for GDPR, innovative ways your security function offered value to your business in order to be seen as an enabler rather than a blocker or developing creative ways to improve controls across the business.
Best Use of Emerging / New Technology
This award will recognise an organisation where Emerging/New Technologies have been successfully deployed to meet a business need.

This could include Machine Learning, IoT or other similar, less mainstream technologies.
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4 Categories - 20 Awards
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