Innovation Awards

Best Use of New Technologies
This award recognises delivery of clear pioneering and transformative technology that has been used to drive better efficiency and productivity as well as overall business performance.

Please show how your products/projects clearly demonstrate specific business impact.
Innovative Use of Cloud Technologies
This award recognises technology teams that have successfully used cloud technologies to drive transformation within their business.

Whilst many organisations are deploying cloud solutions as their default approach, there are organisations that have recognised that innovative use of cloud technology delivers capabilities to the business that historically would have been impossible either due to cost, complexity or other inhibiting factors.

Judges will be looking for ‘out of the box’ thinking and the benefits delivered to the business.
Modern Technology Infrastructure
Awarded to a team that helps run the enterprise with efficiency and at optimal cost by utilising modern products, technology and services to handle infrastructure needs.

Show us how your infrastructure can manage workflows, improve customer service, provide greater computing and storage capabilities and increase your speed to market in a dependable and secure way.
Product Innovation
This award recognises outstanding product innovation. Please demonstrate how you have implemented a new or significantly improved/redesigned a product.

You may have created new functionality or components to make your product stand out from the rest.
Innovation in Cyber Security & Risk Management
This award recognises an organisation doing innovative work in the area of cyber security.

This may be the approach taken to detect and mitigate risk, a successful employee awareness programme, a strong incident management process or a demonstrable improvement in board engagement.
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4 Categories - 21 Awards
and you can enter the same project for more than one award!