Organisational Awards

Technology Team of the Year
The award will recognise a multi-functional team that has been established for the delivery of a product/project that can demonstrate how they have worked collaboratively to bring tangible benefits to their business through its successful planning, clear communication, strong commitment and leadership in their day-to-day operation.

This category acknowledges teams that drive best practice through governance frameworks, stakeholder engagement process, change management and cultural changes.
Technology Partnership of the Year
Awarded to Technology teams that demonstrate how to build & maintain effective partnerships with either single or multiple suppliers.

Submissions should demonstrate how the partnership has delivered and sustained success over time and has specifically met and exceeded business expectations.

Entrants need to describe how the partnership has been successfully managed, for example, establishing clearly-defined governance or showing how they identified where value is not being realised and the appropriate actions were taken.

Collaborative management/governance and leadership should be clearly represented.
Technology Product / Project Team of the Year
This award recognises a technology project team that worked collaboratively to design, develop, implement and measure the benefits of a business project and achieved its goal through its successful planning, clear communication, strong commitment and leadership throughout the life of the project.

Entrants need to demonstrate how they drove best practices through governance frameworks, stakeholder engagement process, performance management and cultural changes.
Best Place to Work in Digital
This award recognises an organisation that has made significant progress in attracting and retaining the best talent to support the Digital Enterprise through diversity, gender balance, apprentice/graduate schemes and other initiatives that make it a great place to work.
Technology Development Programme of the Year
This award recognises an Organisation that has put in place an effective development programme to promote a culture of continuous learning within their organisation.

This could be an Apprenticeship or Graduate Scheme, promotion of soft-skill development for their employees or a variety of different approaches which have increased the overall skills and capabilities of the team.
Services Company of the Year
Awarded to recognise excellence in the provision of Technology Services. This category recognises a supplier of hardware, software and/or Technology services that has achieved significant business success in the past 12 months and can demonstrate high levels of customer satisfaction and business benefits from the users of its products and services.
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4 Categories - 21 Awards
and you can enter the same project for more than one award!