Sponsors 2018

Sponsoring the Real IT Awards gives your company and brand prime visibility to the highest level of decision-makers in some of the United Kingdom’s largest organisations.
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Google Cloud

Google Cloud is designed to be the most customer-friendly, intelligent, and secure public cloud for organisations of all types and sizes (with large enterprises being a core business) - helping users achieve goals they never thought possible.

It applies the same design principles used in Google's multi-billion-user systems to make running and growing any business on the cloud simpler and easier, with more strategic impact/competitive advantage.

More and more customers are choosing Google Cloud for its best-in-class infrastructure, leadership in data analytics and ML, emphasis on openness/avoidance of lock-in, and customer-friendly economics.

Google Cloud customers now serve 1 billion users every day.


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Emerge is a global organisation that specialises in developing and growing leadership and the organisation through better equipped and engaged employees. Their mission, ‘To Globally Partner with their Clients to Maximise Investment in Development’ is one which sees them partner with an enviable client-base of well-known global organisations and consumer brands. Their loyal clients enjoy a unique and tailored experience that focuses on four very clear outcomes – inspiring employee engagement, delivering innovative solutions, transforming behaviour and creating sustainable cultural change.

The Emerge vision is centred on providing their clients with industry-leading training and development solutions and implement robust organisational development interventions, which enable organisations to achieve their vision and goals. This means staying ahead in their field through continuously expanding their network of talented associate facilitators and engaging in creative affiliations with trusted suppliers and organisations.

Emerge leads the way in organisational development, training and development and creating a coaching culture - supporting organisations to transform and grow through their people.


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Hot Chilli Consulting

Hot Chilli works to develop and sustain high performing, talented, dynamic and balanced leadership teams. A typical engagement would involve interviews, assessments, workshops, team and individual coaching. Bringing the ethos of a High Performing Sports Team to the Corporate Leadership Team.

Great sports teams hire the best talent they can afford and then spend the rest of their time coaching, practising and working on how to perform together at their optimum in the face of any situation, change or opposition. In the Corporate World we hire the best talent we can afford and then ask them to "get on the pitch and start playing" - surely you know how!! Hot Chilli works with the same degree of focus on how teams need to work together to perform at their optimum and bring the best business results.

Hot Chilli also owns Hot Chilli Connect, a successful networked organisation helping professional women take the next step and progress their career.