This year, there are 2 sets of awards; Organisational and Individual. In total there are 11 different awards to choose from. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

The guidelines for RITA 2023 (as well as pricing for each category) can be found here. Submissions should relate to work, programmes or projects that have been implemented, or where the benefits have been achieved, between 1st January 2022 and the 31st of December 2022.

If you click on the category title you wish to enter you will be taken to the submission form for that specific category. Please double check you are entering the correct category.

Organisational Awards 2023

Project Awards
Project of the Year
This award is for the team whose technology project demonstrates delivering great value to the customer and the stakeholders, effective use of management tools and techniques as well as innovative delivery approaches. Measurements of success, including metrics, are critical components of any submission.
Delivering Excellent Customer Experience
This award recognises technology divisions who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their organisation’s customer experience, deep understanding of all elements of developing and delivering excellent customer experience, tailoring business processes and utilizing technology to best serve customers and exceeding their expectations. You will need to demonstrate the steps you have taken to contribute to exceptional customer-centric culture.
Best 'Technology for Good' Project
This award is aimed at organisations who are using technology to produce positive societal impact, or to positively engage in a societal challenge. Perhaps you have enhanced access to information, created an environment for people to connect, developed a product that has enabled better access to public services or have supported your local community. Equally, you may have done vital work in the area of sustainability, for example, by reducing carbon emissions. Whatever it is – we want to hear about it!
“Technology Refresh” Project of the Year
Tell us about a noteworthy and successful technology refresh project that has taken place in your organisation. You may have refreshed vital infrastructure, changed a core business application such as HR or a Financials system. Productivity tools may have been revitalised or the technology platform for your digital products. Detail how this important refresh made tangible improvements to your business, core capabilities, stability or security.
Cloud Project of the Year
This award will recognise excellence in a cloud computing implementation. This could be the planning and management of cloud infrastructure, use of data, cloud storage or cloud security, for example. Demonstrate how the use of cloud technology has transformed your organisation.
Team Awards
Outstanding Team of the Year
This award will go to a team that achieves high performance standards and was successful in bringing tangible and significant benefits to their organisation. This category invites submissions from teams that drive best practices, positively impact efficiency, productivity and performance of their organisation and contribute to a truly inclusive, positive and collaborative culture.
Innovation Awards
Best Use of New Technologies
This award recognises the successful implementation of a pioneering and transformative technology (a new development or service) that has been used to drive overall business performance. Please show clearly how your innovative use of new technology impacts your organisation and your customers.
Product Innovation
This award will go to the organisation demonstrating the most outstanding product innovation. Please describe how you have implemented a new or significantly improved/redesigned a product. You may have created new functionality or components to make your product stand out from the rest.
Vendor Awards
Technology Vendor of the Year
This award, open to all vendors, will recognise outstanding delivery, focus on customer satisfaction and innovation. The winner will clearly demonstrate how they have been able to create an excellent customer experience, enhance opportunities, confirm their investment in technology advancement as well as show a commitment to making positive societal impact.

Individual Awards 2023

Individual Awards
Inspirational Technologist of the Year
This award will recognise an individual who is making a significant impact in the field of technology. Demonstrate the impact the nominee has made, how they are a role model as well as how they contribute to generating new ideas and innovation. They may provide outstanding customer service, be a phenomenal developer, a fantastic CTO or an expert Project Manager. Whatever their brilliance, please tell us!
Diversity and Inclusion Champion
Tell us about how this individual supports a culture of inclusion, how they have helped in reducing or removing the bias and discrimination, how they have strived to remove barriers and have proactively raised awareness about the issues related to diversity and inclusion in technology.